Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre

Visiting Amsterdam is a true experience. Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre is the ideal starting point for exploring the city. Located in the heart of Amsterdam at a traffic-free square between Central Station and the Dam, the hotel is within walking distance to the canals and all city highlights.
Our 4 star hotel featuring stylish rooms, suites, and meeting rooms, provides free WiFi internet throughout the premises.

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Experience Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s diversity is unique. Arriving at Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre you’ll have a foretaste of this dynamic city. The hotel displays exceptional images and fascinating shots of the city’s numerous faces and mixed culture: Face Amsterdam. An inspirational start for your holiday or business trip.

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre, the hotel in the centre of Amsterdam.

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Excellent accessibility

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre is easily accessible. The hotel is just a 5 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. Opposite the hotel is the large car park ‘Qpark Nieuwendijk’. Whether you travel by car or train, you can swiftly arrive at Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre.

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre, close to Amsterdam Central Station.

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Excellent accessibility